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Volume 11 Special Issue/2019

DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S ;


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Eugeni V. AKIMOV, Dmitriy M. KRUZHKOV, Vyacheslav A. YAKIMENKO, Compensation for errors in determining the angle in the flight-navigation complex of the aircraft in case of failure of the satellite navigation system, pp. 7-16, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.1;

Boris A. ANTUFEV, Olga V. EGOROVA, Aleksandr L. MEDVEDSKII, Lev N. RABINSKIY, Dynamics of shell with destructive heat-protective coating under running load, pp. 17-24, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.2;

Boris A. ANTUFEV, Olga V. EGOROVA, Lev N. RABINSKIY, Dynamics of a cylindrical shell with a collapsing elastic base under the action of a pressure wave, pp. 25-31, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.3;

Boris A. ANTUFEV, Olga V. EGOROVA, Lev N. RABINSKIY, Quasi-static stability of a ribbed shell interacting with moving load, pp. 33-39, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.4;

Vasilii I. BIRYUKOV, Methodical foundations of forecasting the reliability of products of aviation and rocket and space technology, pp. 41-51, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.5;

Veniamin N. EVDOKIMENKOV, Roman V. KIM, Andrey A. GALENKOV, Algorithm of probabilistic and guaranteed assessment of the current technical condition of the aircraft’s on-board systems based on the method for testing statistical hypotheses, pp. 53-66, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.6;

Veniamin N. EVDOKIMENKOV, Nikolay V. KIM, Dmitriy A. KOZOREZ, Mariya I. MOKROVA, Control of unmanned aerial vehicles during fire situation monitoring, pp. 67-73, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.7;

Veniamin N. EVDOKIMENKOV, Dmitriy A. KOZOREZ, Mikhail N. KRASILSHCHIKOV, Development of pre-flight planning algorithms for the functional-program prototype of a distributed intellectual control system of unmanned flying vehicle groups, pp. 75-88, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.8;

Vyacheslav M. GRISHIN, Synthesis of structure of the onboard passive redundant subsystem with due consideration of the established tolerances, pp. 89-104, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.9;

Dmitriy A. KOZOREZ, Dmitriy M. KRUZHKOV, Autonomous navigation of the space debris collector , pp. 105-113, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.10;

Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Nikita M. KUPRIKOV, Lev N. RABINSKIY, The dependence of the appearance of the aircraft on the conditions of the Arctic basing, pp. 115-123, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.11;

Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Leonid V. MARKIN, Methods of the automated aircraft configuration, pp. 125-134, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.12;

Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Leonid V. MARKIN, Automation of the inner design of the aircraft, pp. 135-141, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.13;

Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Leonid V. MARKIN, Method of formalizing the layout of the internal compartments of aircraft , pp. 143-152, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.14;

Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Lev N. RABINSKIY, Nikita M. KUPRIKOV, Business objective for the life cycle of aircraft, pp. 153-162, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.15;

Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Lev N. RABINSKIY, Nikita M. KUPRIKOV, Moment-inertial representation of the Square-cube law in aircraft industry, pp. 163-174, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.16;

Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Lev N. RABINSKIY, Nikita M. KUPRIKOV, Infrastructure climate requirments imposed to design of transport airplane for arctic exploration, pp.175-181, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.17;

Nikita M. KUPRIKOV, Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Lev N. RABINSKIY, Danila M. ZHURAVSKIY, Recommendations for the use of unmanned aeronautical systems equipped with photo recording equipment for assessing the condition of the runway coatings in the polar regions, pp, 183-190, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.18;

Petr V. NIKITIN, Olga V. TUSHAVINA, Anna A. SHKURATENKO, Calculation of heat transfer on the catalytically active surface of high-speed aircraft, pp. 191-201, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.19;

Lev N. RABINSKIY, Olga V. TUSHAVINA, Thermal protection of aircraft units using film cooling with regard to unsteady heat conductivity, pp. 203-211, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.20;

Sergey E. TSYBULEVSKY, Ilnur M. MURAKAEV, Pavel E. STUDNIKOV, Anatoly V. RYAPUKHIN, Approaches to the clustering methodology in the rocket and space industry as a factor in the formation of a universal production model for the economic development in the space industry, pp 213-220, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.21; h

Vladimir A. ZAGOVORCHEV, Olga V. TUSHAVINA, The use of jet penetrators for movement in the lunar soil, pp. 221-230, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.22;

Vladimir À. ZAGOVORCHEV, Olga V. TUSHAVINA, Selection of temperature and power parameters for multi-modular lunar jet penetrator, pp. 231-241, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.S.23;

Index, pp. 243-245

Instruction and Editing Model, pp. 247-251


Publication Ethics And Publication Malpractice Statement, pp. 252


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