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Volume 12 Special Issue/2020

DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S;




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Alexander A. AFONIN, Andrey S. SULAKOV, Analysis of structure and algorithm features of new type strapdown gravimetric navigation system, pp. 5-19, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.1;

Boris S. ALESHIN, Alexander I. CHERNOMORSKY, Eduard D. KURIS, Konstantin S. LELKOV, Maxim V. IVAKIN, Robotic complex for inspection of the outer surface of the aircraft in its parking lot, pp. 21-31, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.2;

Sergey A. ASTAKHOV, Vasilii I. BIRIUKOV, Problems of ensuring the acceleration dynamics of aircraft during track tests at a speed of 1600 m/s, pp. 33-42, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.3;

Arseniy V. BABAYTSEV, Lev N. RABINSKIY, Kyaw Thu AUNG, Investigation of the contact zone of a cylindrical shell located between two parallel rigid plates with a gap, pp. 43-52, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.4;

Vladimir G. DMITRIEV, Olga V. EGOROVA, Eduard I. STAROVOITOV, Particularities of mathematical modeling of deformation processes for arched and panel designs of composites with large displacements and rotation angles, pp. 53-66, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.5;

Olga V. EGOROVA, Eduard I. STAROVOITOV, Non-stationary diffraction problem of a plane oblique pressure wave on the shell in the form of a hyperbolic cylinder taking into account the dissipation effect, pp. 67-77, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.6;

Elena L. KUZNETSOVA, Grigory V. FEDOTENKOV, Eduard I. STAROVOITOV, Methods of diagnostic of pipe mechanical damage using functional analysis, neural networks and method of finite elements, pp.79-90, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.7;

Ye Ko KYAW, Ekaterina L. KUZNETSOVA, Alexander V. MAKARENKO, Complex mathematical modelling of mechatronic modules of promising mobile objects, pp. 91-98, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.8;

Yulong LI, Aron M. ARUTIUNIAN, Elena L. KUZNETSOVA, Grigory V. FEDOTENKOV, Method for solving plane unsteady contact problems for rigid stamp and elastic half-space with a cavity of arbitrary geometry and location, pp. 99-113, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.9;

Yulong LI, Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Alexander V. MAKARENKO, On the peculiarities of shaping the appearance of aircraft equipped with a collective rescue system for passengers and crew, pp. 115-122, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.10;

Leonid V. MARKIN, Geometric method for assessing the shadowing of objects in solar power engineering, pp. 123-134, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.11;

Sergey N. PADALKO, Aleksandr A. ERMAKOV, Fatima M. TEMMOEVA, Methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of integrated automation in aerospace industry, pp. 135-140, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.12;

Lev N. RABINSKIY, Olga V. TUSHAVINA, Eduard I. STAROVOITOV, Study of thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation on the environment from space rocket activity, pp. 141-148, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.13;

Oleh M. SEMENENKO, Uzef B. DOBROVOLSKYI, Maryna O. SLIUSARENKO, Svitlana S. ZVARYCH, Anatolii O. ZVARYCH, Methodical approach to evaluating the effectiveness of electronic counter-countermeasures to airborne interference stations in aerial combat, pp. 149-157, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.14;

Minggong SHA, Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Alexander A. OREKHOV, Transformation of design documentation at the turn of the XXI century, pp. 159-168, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.15;

Roman Ya. SHAI, Tetiana I. STRYBKO, Nataliya Ya. ZABOLOTNA, International experience in organizing international air service, pp. 169-179, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.15;

Lubov STROGONOVA, Sergey PADALKO, Yuri VASIN, Alexander ERMAKOV, Technical and mathematical problems of microbiological protection of a manned space vehicle and stations, pp. 181-192, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.17;

Ying SUN, Sergey A. KOLESNIK, Ekaterina L. KUZNETSOVA, Mathematical modeling of coupled heat transfer on cooled gas turbine blades, pp. 193-200, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.18;

Ying SUN, Mikhail Yu. KUPRIKOV, Elena L. KUZNETSOVA, Effect of flight range on the dimension of the main aircraft, pp. 201-209, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.19;

Olga V. TUSHAVINA, Coupled heat transfer between a viscous shock gasdynamic layer and a transversely streamlined anisotropic half-space, pp. 211-220, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.20;

Aleksey G. VIKULOV, Optimal control of propellant consumption during vertical lifting of rocket in homogeneous atmosphere using regularized solution of integral equation of the first kind, pp. 221-231, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.21;

Thant ZIN HEIN, Boris A. GARIBYAN, Sergey N. VAKHNEEV, Olga V. TUSHAVINA, Vladimir F. FORMALEV, Analytical study of joint heat transfer between a gasdynamic boundary layer and an anisotropic strip, pp. 233-243, DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.S.22;

INDEX, pp.245-249






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