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Volume 14 Issue 3/2022

DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2022.14.3;

Vol. 14, iss. 3, full cover


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FULL PAPERS, pp. 1-2


Mihaela BURGHIU (MANEA), Adrian BURGHIU, Evaluation of the porosity parameter for a perforated wall wind tunnel using measured wall pressure distributions, pp. 3-9,

Biranchi Narayana DAS, Manoj UKAMANAL, Atal Bihari HARICHANDAN, Low Reynolds Number Flow Past Square Cylinder in the Vicinity of a Plane Wall, pp. 11-20,

Raja MUNUSAMY, Nithin STEPHEN, Anand PRADHAN, Sarath MENON, Guidance of Terminal Area Energy Management Trajectories for Re-entry Vehicles, pp. 21-30,

PARA AKHIL, SHARMILA PARASHAR, POONAM KOLAPE, M. FEROSKHAN, P. TAMILSELVAN, Experimental investigation on performance, combustion and emission characteristics of nanoparticle blends with diesel as fuel in a CI Engine, pp. 31-45,

Setyamartana PARMAN, Affiani MACHMUDAH, Vu Trieu MINH, Comparative study on two-constant-amplitude input shapers to maneuver flexible satellite in small structural deflection, pp. 47-60,

Rafi M. QASIM, Ihsan A. ABDULHUSSEIN, Alya A. MOHAMMED, Qusay A. MAATOOQ, Evaluation of the hydraulic behavior of the composite hydraulic structure considering a bed flume with special obstacle, pp. 61-74,

M. RADHADEVI, G. VIJAY KUMAR, P. GOPALAKRISHNAIAH, Process optimization of Titanium alloy machining with Wire Electro Discharge Machining using Taguchi’s Grey Relational Analysis, pp. 75-84,

Zia Ur REHMAN, Time-domain Analytical Method for Aeroelastic Analysis of High Aspect Ratio Wing Using Unsteady Indicial Aerodynamics, pp. 85-99,

Aravind SEENI, A theory on understanding aerodynamic phenomena of airfoils and the significance of airfoil’s thickness on lift and drag, pp. 101-110,

Ritesh SINGH, Om PRAKASH, Sudhir JOSHI, Yogananda JEPPU, Longitudinal Trim and Stability Analysis of Generic Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle using Bifurcation Method, pp. 111-123,

D. L. Vasthadu VASU KANNAH, B. Ramki MUTHUSUBASH, P. SRINITHI PRIYADHARSHINI, Experimental Investigation of Innovative Vortex Generators in the Mixing Enhancement of Subsonic Jets, pp. 125-132,

R. Sabari VIHAR, J. V. Muruga Lal JEYAN, K. Sai PRIYANKA, Experimental Study of Flutter Characteristics of Selected Wing Plan forms for the Effect of Camber, pp. 133-144,



Radoslav IVANCÍK, Pavel NECAS, Theoretical and Terminological View of Unmanned Aircraft, pp. 147-156,

Anupama Francy KOTHASIRI, Srinivasa Rao CHALAMALASETTI, Investigation of Cold Extrusion of Aluminum AA 2024 Alloy Using Finite Element Analysis, pp. 157-171,

INDEX, pp. 173-176

INSTRUCTIONS AND EDITING MODEL, pp. 177-181 (.docx, .pdf)




INCAS BULLETIN, Volume 14, Issue 3/2022 was
"Edited with the support of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization"





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