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Volume 14 Issue 4/2022

DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2022.14.4;

Vol. 14, iss. 4, full cover


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FULL PAPERS, pp. 1-2


Usman ALI, Edmund CHADWICK, Oliviu SUGAR-GABOR, An Optimisation of a Chordwise Slot to Enhance Lateral Flow Control on a UCAV , pp. 3-17,

Viorel ANGHEL, Stefan SOROHAN, Daniel HODOR, FEM Applications of Catenary Type Structures, pp. 19-28,

Corneliu BERBENTE, Sorin BERBENTE, More direct methods to evaluate general relativity effects. The influence of the age of the Universe, pp. 29-33,

Nicolae CONSTANTINESCU, Emil CONSTANTINESCU, Alina-Ioana CHIRA, Enhancing the performance of the Primary Surveillance Radar using Multilateration, pp. 35-49,

Florin COSTACHE, Sandra-Elena NICHIFOR, Mihaela-Luminita COSTEA, Achim IONITA, Automatic approach procedure of a flying vehicle on a mobile platform using backstepping controller, pp. 51-62,

Achim IONITA, Andrei LUNGOCI, Ion TOMESCU, Quad Performances and Manoeuvrability of TWQH platform, pp. 63-78,

Zarina A. KUTPANOVA, Hakan TEMELTAS, Serik A. KULMAMIROV, Flight control and collision avoidance of three UAVs following each other, pp. 79-94,

George Ghiocel OJOC, Larisa CHIPER TITIRE, Lorena DELEANU, Cristian MUNTENITA, Catalin PIRVU, Simulation of the Behavior of 32-Layer Composite Plate for Ballistic Protection, pp. 95-109,

T. P. PREM ANAND, K. ABISHEK, R. KRISHNA KAILASH, K. K. NITHIYANANTHAM, Development and Automation of Fixed Wing UAV for Reconnaissance Mission with FPV Capability, pp. 111-118,

Inala RAMU, Temperature-dependent 2-dimensional porous FG plates free vibration analysis using finite element approach, pp. 119-129,

Aravind SEENI, Effect of Groove Size on Aerodynamic Performance of a Low Reynolds Number UAV Propeller (Part II), pp. 131-144,

K. SRIVIDYA, P. ANUSHA, E. KAVITHA, M. NAGA SWAPNA SRI, V. SRAVANI, Analytical and Experimental study on FVA of Isotropic and Orthotropic Laminates with FEM Validations, pp. 145-156,

Florin-Adrian STANCU, Adrian-Mihail STOICA, Actuator fault reconstruction using FDI system based on sliding mode observers, pp. 157-165,

Anca STEPAN, Georges GHAZI, Ruxandra Mihaela BOTEZ, Development of an Adaptive Aero-Propulsive Performance Model in Cruise Flight – Application to the Cessna Citation X, pp. 167-181,



Gulzhan K. KALIYEVA, Zarina KONAKBAY, Indira ASILBEKOVA, Ainur ABZHAPBAROVA, Saltanat ZHARDEMKYZY, Current Trends and Developments in the Modernisation of the Aviation Training System, pp, 185-194,

Ionut Valentin LOM, Current global trends of aviation insurance, pp. 195-200,

Ilinca MARIN (SOARE), Manuela RUSU, Valentin SOARE, Sergiu TONOIU, Ovidiu BLAJINA, Considerations regarding the risk of using counterfeit products in the aerospace industry, pp. 201-211,

Bogdan Adrian NICOLIN, Ilie NICOLIN, Calculation of steering system parameters of a military training aircraft, pp. 213-224,

Bogdan Adrian NICOLIN, Ilie NICOLIN, Experimental research of hydraulic cylinder with the built-in throttle for steering the front landing gear wheel, pp. 225-230,

Manuela RUSU, Ilinca MARIN (SOARE), Valentin SOARE, Sergiu TONOIU, Ovidiu BLAJINA, Contractual Requirements Review and Management, pp. 231-238,

INDEX, pp. 239-243

INSTRUCTIONS AND EDITING MODEL, pp. 245-249 ( .docx, .pdf)



INCAS BULLETIN, Volume 14, Issue 3/2022 was
"Edited with the support of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization"






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