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Volume 15 Issue 4/2023

DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2023.15.4;


Vol. 15, Issue 4, full cover



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FULL PAPERS, pp. 1-2


Shabri C. AKMAL, Ridanto Eko POETRO, Javensius SEMBIRING, Satriya UTAMA, Sensor Data Fusion using Kalman Filter for LAPAN-A2 Satellite Attitude Estimation, pp. 3-17,

Irina-Carmen ANDREI, Gabriela-Liliana STROE, Sorin BERBENTE, Gina Florica STOICA, Nicoleta CRISAN, Delia PRISECARU, Anca GRECULESCU, Emil COSTEA, Ionel POPESCU, Cristian STOICA, Octavian Ioan FILIPESCU, Applications of design and reverse engineering for the development of digital and smart tools for composite additive manufacturing, pp. 19-34,

Agneta M. BALINT, Stefan BALINT, Adrian NECULAE, The Curie effect incorporation in the monodomain equation describing the action potential dynamics in cardiac tissue, pp. 35-40,

Stefan BOGOS, Alina-Ioana CHIRA, Ioan Petru UDREA, Valerian Marian SANDU, Theodor DRAGHICI, Comprehensive Analysis of Aircraft Dynamics Stability with SCSim: Integration and Assessment, pp. 41-51,

Mihaela BURGHIU, Evaluation of wind tunnel wall interference using homogeneous and measured boundary conditions, pp. 53-63,

Dennis Stefan CHELEMEN, Ionut BUNESCU, Mihai-Victor PRICOP, Mihaita-Gilbert STOICAN, The effects of distributed electric propulsion on the aerodynamics of a regional aircraft wing, pp. 65-77,

Grigore CICAN, Georgiana Cristina ICHIM, The analytical and numerical study of alternative fuel injectors for the purpose of reducing chemical pollution in aviation sector, pp. 79-91,

Raul CORMOS, Catalin Andrei NEAGOE, Miruna CIOLCA, Anton HADAR, VBA fatigue analysis program for metallic structural components preliminary design, pp. 93-106,

Catalin CUCU, Cristina PUPAZA, Bart JANSSENS, Mihai MIHAILA-ANDRES, Study of the influence of turbulent flows on the aerodynamic performance of fixed-wing aircraft type UAV MALE, pp. 107-122,

Dorin Madalin FERARU, Ciprian Marius LARCO, Teodor Lucian GRIGORIE, Morphing Concepts in the Field of Rotorcraft, pp. 123-135,

Dionis GUGLEA, George Catalin CRISTEA, Lorena DELEANU, Traian Florian IONESCU, George Ghiocel OJOC, Dumitru DIMA, Constantin GEORGESCU, Tribology of vegetal oils as base for eco-friendly nano additivated lubricants, pp. 137-148,

Florin Bogdan MARIN, Daniela Laura BURUIANA, Viorica GHISMAN, Mihaela MARIN, Deep neural network modeling for CFD simulation of drone bioinspired morphing wings, pp. 149-157,

Alexandru MEREU, Dragos ISVORANU, Joint design and simulation of GOX-GCH4 combustion and cooling in an experimental water-cooled subscale rocket engine, pp. 159-167,

Razvan Alexandru MIHAILESCU, Ionel SIMION, Design and manufacture of a UAV using additive technologies and composite materials, pp. 169-174,

NAJI ANEES MUQDAD NAJI, Adrian STOICA, Design of a robust controller for the VEGA TVC using the L1-Adaptive Control, pp. 175-185,

NAJI ANEES MUQDAD NAJI, Adrian STOICA, L1 adaptive control design for the rigid body launch vehicle, pp. 187-197,

Mara-Florina NEGOITA, Daniel-Eugeniu CRUNTEANU, Mihai-Vladut HOTHAZIE, Mihai-Victor PRICOP, Enhancing Airfoil Performance through Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm Optimization, pp. 199-209,

Sorin Stefan RADNEF, Cartesian coordinates of an intrinsically defined curve, pp. 211-219,

Ioana RASUCEANU, Claudiu PATRASCU, Corneliu BALAN, Oil displacement in capillary tubes using viscoelastic fluids, pp. 221-228,

Bulent SIGERGOK, Mehmet CAVAS, Implementing the Propeller Speed Control of Drone Designed in Solidworks in CoppeliaSim Robotic Simulator Environment with Codes Prepared in Matlab, pp. 229-243,



Cristian TECUCEANU, Dumitru POPOVICI, Mariana POPOVICI, Peter KALMUTCHI, Mechanical strength of the aircraft control chains in certain unusual cases, pp. 247-262,

INDEX, pp. 263-268







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