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Volume 16 Issue 1/2024

DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2024.16.1;

Vol. 16, Iss. 1, full cover


Full text

FULL PAPERS, pp. 1-2


Nabila ALILI, Khacem KADDOURI, Salem MOKADEM, Ahmed ALAMI, Numerical Analysis of Convergent-Divergent Angles and Operating Conditions Impact on Rocket Nozzle Performance Parameters, pp. 3-14,

Ionut BUNESCU, Mihai-Victor PRICOP, Mihaita-Gilbert STOICAN, Mihai-Vladut HOTHAZIE, Identification of roll damping coefficient using the free rotation method, pp. 15-24,

D. CONSTANTIN, L. PREDA, A. A. MOCANU, D. POPESCU, D. PRICOPI, V. I. NICULESCU, The quantum states for Hydrogen atom: spherical harmonics and the orbitals geometrical representation, pp. 25-31,

Mohammed Amine DJEFFAL, Nabil BENAMARA, Abdelkader LAHCENE, Ali BENOUAR, Abdelkader BOULENOUAR, Mohammed MERZOUG, Numerical Analysis of a Supercritical Heat Transfer of Cryogenic Methane in Regeneratively Cooled Rocket Engine, pp. 33-44,

Horia DUMITRESCU, Vladimir CARDOS, Radu BOGATEANU, The Euler’s harmonic holomorphic regenerative universe, pp. 45-58,

Florin Bogdan MARIN, Daniela Laura BURUIANA, Viorica GHISMAN, Mihaela MARIN, CFD modeling for urban blast simulation, pp. 59-64,

Mircea MORARU, Applying Proper Orthogonal Decomposition to Parabolic Equations: A Reduced Order Numerical Approach , pp. 65-76,

Andrei - Ionut PARASCHIV, The impact of the Laval nozzle shape on thrust production, using the method of characteristics , pp. 77-88,

Dumitru POPESCU, Diana CONSTANTIN, Valentin Ioan Remus NICULESCU, Simulation of pulsatory liposome working using a linear approximation for transmembrane pore dynamics, pp. 89-85,

Andrei-George TOTU, Cristian-Teodor OLARIU, Andreea-Catalina TOTU, Andrei-Tudor TRIFU, Noise silencer design using triply periodic minimal surfaces, pp. 97-105,

Satriya UTAMA, Deddy El AMIN, M. Arif SAIFUDIN, Moh. Farid HUZAIN, Widya ROZA, Chusnul Tri JUDIANTO, Mohammad MUKHAYADI, Magnetic Shielding Implementation in the Small Satellite Reaction Wheel, pp. 107-116,

Akhmad Farid WIDODO, Fuad Surastyo PRANOTO, Idris Eko PUTRO, Effendi Dodi ARISANDI, Enhancing UAV elevator actuator model using multibody dynamics simulation, pp. 117,124,










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